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Moissanite - colors?

Does Moissanite come in different colors?

Micky Roof Jewelers

Corinna, Yes, Moissanite comes in white(almost) as well as a
blue/green color. The blue stones range from a fairly light
blueish/green to quite dark. They are similar in color to the blue
irradiated diamonds that were so popular quite a few years ago.

Phillip Scott GG
Rio Grande

Yes it does, green. Just recieved my new Stullers stone catalog and
they have it in there. The clear is very nice too. Most awesome stuff,
I was one of the cutters in their research and development program,
and I dont know of any other colors, but the green is truly
beautiful. Kind of pric ey, but very brilliant. Sharon

Hi Corinna, Does moissanite come in different colors? Yes and no.
Different from natural diamond color? Yes! Different from moissanite
color? No.

All of the moissanite I’ve seen in retail stores has had a
greenish/yellowish cast to it. It wasn’t very attractive or hard to
identify as non-diamond, even from a distance.

I have seen some through educational experience - GIA’s Advanced
Diamond Grading Extension class & others - that wasn’t quite as
greenish but it still didn’t look “right”.

As far as I know, it is not currently available in “fancy colors”. I
don’t think it’s selling all that well and it’s likely that sales
performance will dictate further developments, if there are any to be

Really, I think most people don’t see the point in paying higher
prices for a simulant when CZ is so inexpensive. What is the allure?
The hardness? To the majority, the hardness simply doesn’t justify
the money - very few people purchase a simulant as "a gift of love"
or expect it to be “forever”!

Personally, I would have a hard time selling it. I’d encourage
customers who can’t afford a diamond to stick with CZ and to put the
cost difference between that & moissanite into a nicer mounting. That
way they can upgrade to a natural diamond when their budget allows
without much financial loss in the simulant. The best thing about
this 2-step option is that the consumer gets 2 exciting shopping
experiences, something to look forward to down the road and a more
significant piece of jewelry to enjoy in the end.

Anyway, that’s a lot more info than what was asked for. Hope no one
minds! I am curious to hear what others think or have experienced
with moissanite, it’s an interesting topic!

Jeanette K

Does Moissanite come in different colors?

Even at it’s lighttest, it is slightly green. Someplace around N.
When this material is heated, the green will become quite obvious.
Some fancy green material is also sold. So, the answer is yes. They
sell light green and dark green. Some of the texts describing silicon
carbide describe it as green.