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Moissanite and Diamond tester


As many of you may know, there is a relatively new man made
stone called Moissanite which is being marketed as a diamond
simulant. If you currently have a diamond testor, such as the
Czeckpoint, it will not detect Moissanite. So now you need a new
testor for another $2-300. I have just received a promotional
bulletin from a company selling a new tester called “Diamond ID -
ER” The claim is that this testor tests diamonds, CZ, Moissanite,
White ASapphire & GGG’s. Is anyone in Orchid Land familiar with
this testor? It sells for $96.90. I would like to hear from
anyone who is familiar with this tester before purchasing one.



Joel, I recieved an ad for this item and spoke to somone at a
show that was familiar with it. It is a ‘pen’ that I think has a
spring loaded ‘point’ that marks (damages) the stone to check
hardness, the you loupe it to see if there is a mark, A diamond
should’t have a mark.This info is second hand, soooo…If you
get any better info I’d be intrested, Thomas