MoI, A New CAD program

Hi All,

To follow up on some of the discussions we’ve had on CAD programs
which can be used for jewelry design. I’d like to introduce MoI
(Moment of Inspiration), a new 3D modeling/CAD program for designers
and artists.

Quoting from the website:

“Offering a blend of precision and freeform drawing tools, it
sports a unique user interface that operates seamlessly with a
pen tablet (a mouse is also supported). MoI is currently in
open beta release. If you’re looking for a fresh, fluid way to
draw and create CAD-accurate 3D models, then download the beta
and give it a try”!

There’s a good reason MoI’s look and feel is similar to Rhino.
Michael Gibson, the sole developer of MoI, created Rhino while he
worked for McNeel from 1993-1999.

His intention with MoI is to provide a user-friendly "introductory"
CAD program. It doesn’t have the advanced surface modeling
capabilities of Rhino at this point, but will certainly give the
neophyte a foundation in 3D design and the skills to move into more
advanced programs.

As Mr. Gibson talks about, one of unique things about the program is
that it’s designed to be used with a pen tablet:

“I’ve noticed in the past that many people have difficulty
using regular CAD programs with a pen tablet. Requiring
constant keyboard access means that they can’t sit back in
their chair holding the tablet; they have to hover one hand
over the keyboard. Even right-click is awkward with a pen: many
people have difficulty with the pen moving too much when they
shift their finger to try to do the right-click. And a scroll
wheel isn’t available at all”.

“So I decided to break away from the standard approach, and to
reconstruct a new interface that solves these problems for pen
tablet users. I figured that would give me a niche that could
make the MoI program appealing to a particular user base. A lot
of people with an art background seem to like the feel of using
a pen”.

Another nice thing about MoI is that it uses the.3dm file format so
MoI models can be opened in Rhino. Eventually, as the program
develops, it will be possible to export IGES and STL files as well.

Here’s an article about MoI:

If you’ve had an interest in designing jewelry with a CAD program,
but felt the learning curve would be too much, perhaps MoI will
change your mind.


Jesse Kaufman

JDK Jewelry Design
CAD/CAM Technology
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