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Modern jamb peg faceting machines


Hello All, I asked about old faceting machine about a week ago, and
I’ve done some of my own research on ‘jamb peg’ faceting machines.

In particular, I found a book at the local library called “The Art
of Gem Cutting” by Willems, who apparently invented a device called
the Willems Faceting Device. Its basically a jamb peg set-up,
except that it has grooves instead of holes and a two-prong back end
for the dop stick, so that the stone can’t be ‘twisted’ by wrist
movement. Below are images of the device:

Anyone know of a place where I can get such a device? The problem
is the book was published in the early 1940’s so I’m sure the author
is dead and the Willems device out of production, so I have no idea
where I can get ahold of it.

I’m also looking into a few other option, such as the Calibrated Jam
Peg Machine by Gerald Wykoff, but I can’t seem to find a single
e-mail/URL/address/business that I can contact to purchase one (or
at least the blueprints for it)…

Is the Addexton Jamb Peg Faceting Unit
( a 'callibrated’
system? In other words, does it prevent the twisting of the stone
by the wrist?

The bottom line is that I can’t afford a machine right now, but I
don’t want to use a inprecise 3rd-world jamb peg set-up either. If
anyone has any other sources for types of modern jamb peg faceting
units, please reply, any help will be deeply appreciated.


Asa, I have been a faceting machine dealer for the last eight years.
I have never seen a manufacture of Jamb Peg machines. There may be
an obscure one, but for the most part, the US market, as well as the
Australian & European market, tend to favor a Mast type machine,
like the Ultra Tech, Facetron, Polymetric, or Facette. There are
others in this group as well. The other type machine is the
platform machine that uses a tang similar to a diamond cutting tang.
These are the Raytech, and the Imahashi (not a US product, but
widely used here).

The Jamb Peg faceting machines are mostly a curiosity, and not a
competitor for the modern machines, either from a usability, or
from a monetary standpoint. Other than their historical value, they
offer little to the faceter today. Trying to find a manufacture of
these machines is like trying to purchase a new Atwater Kent tube
radio, a Maytag wringer washing machine, or a Model T Ford.
Technology has passed them by. There are collectors who might have
one, and they will be your source if you really want a Jamb Peg,
short of making one yourself.

I posted some faceting group links a couple days back. Your best
bet is to log in to these groups and post your request there. There
are a few thousand followers across the world to these groups. One
might have what you seek.



Asa, there are a couple of forums for faceters -someone at might be able to help. The list
is run by yahoo and has a bit of a registration hoop to jump
through. I know some very knowledgeable people from that list
monitor this one as well (Doug? are you there?).



Don’t buy a jamb peg!

go to

bottom right hand side is the Lopacki faceter:

Permanent magnet variable speed motor to 1400 rpm Removable indexing
head for easy inspection of stone Cast aluminum base measures 17.5" x
9" table polisher and 6 dop sticks included 100, 260 and 600 mesh laps
with master lap 6" Facet Machine $527.00 8" Facet Machine $567.00

Instead of the price of some stupid jamb peg, you can get one of
these for real faceting. I have spoken to Daniel at length a couple
days ago, he is a ticketed machinist and had these machines built in
china to meet his north American specifications. They are a high
quality unit. I’m buying one in a couple weeks, it will be my 2nd
machine. I’ll probably use it more than the existing machine I have
now. He’s priced these units for exactly the same reason you state
below. Wanting to get into faceting and cant afford the rediculous
prices of even a used machine…

Cheers… Tim Randles Edmonton Alberta Canada


I posted the links to the faceters groups a few days ago. For those
who missed them heere they are again

You should also checkout the faceting news groups.