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Modern day custom jewelry


Thanks for the suggestions but i am not looking to collect vintage jewelry.
I am looking to produce costume jewelry. Would this book help me with
designing or manufacturing modern day costume jewelry?


I must have missed something here, because I do have difficulties figuring
out what is it exactly you are looking for. Ideas? What does “modern day
costume jewelry” mean? Does it mean trendy? Or does it mean fairly
inexpensive jewelry that you buy in department stores? What kind of a
customer do you want to target with your jewelry?

I tought you said you are not a jewelry designer? Have you ever designed
any jewelry that became manufactured? Was it succesfull? Do you make any
jewelry now? Do you want to set up production line?

(If you already answered these questions, you should have a pretty good
idea what you want to do. All you need is to start to implement your

By the way the book is not only for collectors.

For everybody else, I am sorry if I missed some vital info here.

Gabriella @magyar

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