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Modelmaster training experience

Dear folks:

I haven’t written for a while, but I am reading most of what goes on
with the letters. I have a dilemma that I need help with.

Recently, I purchased Modelmaster, the mill and the program. I must
say that I think that it is pretty great!!

HOWEVER, the training sucked. My instructor was a very amiable
person, but he wasn’t too interested in his job. He showed me a lot
of bells and whistles, wowed me with his facility and overwhelmed me
with He had no written instructions or handouts, and
really didn’t want to answer my basic questions. Even so, I went
home excited and ready to go.

Before, I went to class, I was sent my program and told to install
it wrong, so it screwed up my computer. This made me very nervous,
it took me 3 days to get it straightened out. They didn’t seem to
care much and never apologized or anything. After returning from my
class, I received parts piecemeal, and wasn’t able to successfully
do anything for about a week and a half. Consequently I began
freaking out a little, well a lot really. After a few loud and
unpleasant phone calls from me, they did rally and sorted some
things out for me. One of the other instructors called and walked
me thru the steps again. He also faxed me an instruction sheet or 2.
His way of doing things was quite different from my original
instructors and my notes.

I feel that if they had approached the whole thing from the start
more professionally, [telling me that I wasn’t getting everything I
needed to begin, writing instructions for complete novices, giving
me instructions on how to load the program correctly form the start,
etc.], I would not have had my initial problems. I firmly believe
that if I had not known how to do AutoCAD, a different but
conceptually similar program, I would have totally been lost.

Brenda, in the office, is very charming and as helpful as she can
be. However, they do not have someone in the office full time to
answer your questions when you call. You have to rely on them to
return your calls. This is both irritating and frustrating. Having
to work for a living, means that you need answers when you need
them, not when they get around to calling you. Sometimes they don’t
call back at all. We paid a huge amount of money for this program.
I think they need to get their act together. Has anyone else had
this problem?

Does anyone know any other instructors of Delcam jewelsmith? They
told me there, that they were the only ones in the country. If that
is the case then I may have to go to Canada or Britain, because I
cannot see giving them more money for poor instruction. It cost
$2000. for a 2 day program and will cost $1000. for a 1 day return.
This is a pile of money. This program is huge! It can do all sorts
of things. It is really a great tool. I hope that someone out
there knows where I can get a 4 or 5 day class. [I thought about buying Imagedomes program it has a 4 day class, but I opted for Modelmaster because they were closer, no planes.]

When I went for my class I had studied a little sheet that they had
sent, I had to call them twice to figure the sheet out. All of
there was written as if you already know computer, well
I am a jeweler not a computer person. I am sure that many of you
are the same. They did not have any written lessons or instructions
at my class. The book put out by Delcam is really written poorly,
[they agreed]. Previously, as I mentioned, I had learned to use
Auto-Cad 2004 from a friend, a college professor, she is a great
teacher. Also, Auto-Cad 2004 has a really good text book available.
It is not a program created to do jewelry though.

I am learning to use Jewelsmith now, and have gotten quite a bit
done with it. However, there is so much that it can do, I am eager
to get on with it. I got the distinct impression from some of my
questions and vague answers that there teachers don’t really know
all that it is capable of.

As I mentioned earlier, They are all nice folks in their ways and I
do plan on dealing with them in the future. I feel a little bad
about writing this letter. I am glad that I purchased this
equipment from them, just unhappy with all the problems I
encountered initially. I also feel uncomfortable calling them back
because my instructor is never around. The other guy doesn’t like to
answer questions from folks who weren’t his students. He has told
me this 2 or 3 times. I haven’t called them really since I got the
program going. You are supposed to get 6 monthes desk help or
something like that.

I would really appreciate some feed back from others as to how to
get more knowledge in using this program. I would also, like to
know if anyone else feels the same way or has had similar problems.

Thanks in advance.


Thank you for your comments. I remember our conversation the other
day. Maybe this will put a fire under them to clean up their act. In
a past life, I put two competitors out of business by simply
providing better service to the market than they did. I still remain
convinced that “service” is our most valuable product no matter what
we are marketing.

How a company can admit their book is poorly written and not be
scrambling to correct the problem is beyond me. It is simply shoddy
workmanship! Where else are they screwing up?

I have just had a Manuel printed for my beginners classes; 8 months
of work and proofing by several people! Two weeks into the class and
we have already found several errors, typos, and missing
instructions. Dang! The next printing will be right, certainly “new
and improved” at least. The unused copies of the first printing will
be scrapped. The ones we are using are being hand corrected as we
find the errors. Anything less is a disservice to my students. I have
already been told those first few error filled copies are going to be
valuable collectors items! Especially if I autograph them.

Service and quality folks! Otherwise we are no better than a flea

(I love flea markets. That is where I find old hammers to re grind
for raising and fold forming.)

Dennis, I think I got carried away here. Thanks for the spark.

Bill Churlik

Hi, I just bought gemvision programs and there is no better training
in the world! There four day class is very involved and they truely
take care of you. They answer all your questions, show you how to do
everything and make you do it so not to forget it. We all forget
some… This was why I bought the program I did because you have to
know how to use it or it is useless. Heck they even bought me lunch