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Model Master customer support

Hello, I am a small jeweller, model maker in New Brunswick, Canada.
5 Years ago I purchased the cnc 1000 from a company called Model
Master in Atlanta Georgia. What a Great investment!!

I had a heavy background in art, and I wanted to take some of my
drawings and model them into jewellery. I was not sure of how to do
that. I was somewhat concerned that I was going to invest all my
money into this machine, and not know how to use it. The people at
Model Master were more than accomidating. After 2 days I was really
making jewelry from my designs. I cannot tell you how great this
felt. Those guys at Model Master took a personal interest in my
success with the system and my business. They helped me with
research, casting, milling and they were always more than happy to
answer any questions I had about the software or machining. The
Artcam software has been able to do all of my designs so far.

5 years later, my business has greatly expanded. I was using my
machine over 12 hours a day and found myself in the market for more
machinery. This time I had a little more knowledge of what I was
doing and what to look for. I immediatly contacted Model Master and
I also researched some of the competitors machines, mainly Gem
Vision’s “Revo”. I have a friend that bought one. After comparing
the detail, speed and most importantly the quality finish I am able
to achieve with my cnc 1000, I found that nothing compared. I have
just purchased another cnc 1000 from Model Master with a rotary
attachment. My machine that I bought 5 years ago makes parts as well
as my new machine. I was suprised that the qualilty did not suffer
over extensive use. A very well built piece of equipment.

I am happy to say that their support is still excellent and has not
changed. I am glad to see some companies are still able to mantain
small business morals and ethics. If anyone out there is looking
for a very reliable machine and easy to use powerful software, I
recommend contacting the good folks at Model Master. With two
machines all you Americans watch out!! Zack Kelly Kelly Custom Design,

Zack, is it possible for you to let us see some of your work done
with the Model Master?

Your strong recommendation for the Model Master has me wondering if
perhaps it will solve my 'translation" problem in an easier and
faster way.