Model making Ethics

Hi all, I just feel like getting this off my chest at the frustration
involved with a woman who claimed to be a model maker. I went to the
same college as she, many moons ago and she is new to the industry so
I thought I would try and help her. Here is my story…

A year ago I designed a very unique ring for a wealthy patron of
mine, I had a year to make it for an anniversary in the second week
of August. I told her I needed it in my hands the end of
july/begining of August. I feel like an idiot for trusting her with
this but I knew her credentials were good. She had the sketches I
gave and she would phone from time to time and ask me some questions,
which made me comfortable that all was well and on target. I had
explained that it could be made in metal, cutting out the wax carving
stage, but she said wax was better for her I expressed my time
concerns on this but she assured me it would be ready on time. When
the deadline came, no ring came so I called and could not reach her
till the following day. Her exact words were “What it’s August
already”? She told me it was not ready and she had the shank carved
and acted as if it was my fault for not continuing to remind her of
the date! I had sent up some cheap sapphire trilliants that matched
the stone sizes so she could work out the model. I said that she
could keep the stones and we would call it a day at that, I would try
and get it done myself. My business partner disagreed with me leaving
her the stones as she had dropped the ball and had done no work. So I
called her back and asked for the stones. A few weeks later she
called to ask my address and send on my stones. I nearly dropped off
my seat when she said , " It’s such a shame that I’ve done the work,
I’m going to finish it and cast it for myself, I will revise it a
little," she said. I nearly fell off my chair. So I said, send it on
with the stones and I will pay you if I can use it. Two days later I
received it, and it was finished (in wax). Heres were it gets messy,
I had already made it, missing the deadline for my patron, and losing
her business, (casting delays, stone setting delays and shipping
delays). When I received the wax and stones I emailed her and
explained the ethics of model making, explained why she would not be
paid and why I had asked for the wax back (she was aware I had made
it myself). Hers grows dust in my drawer as we speak. I received a
very nasty email a few days later, insulting me personally and
slandering my name. I never bothered to respond to that. I guess this
is my response. To those who know me, they can figure out who it was.
thanks for letting me vent.

Ed Dawson…
Maine Master models