Howdy All:

I just went to my first MJSA Expo. It was GREAT. Elaine, your
people at the Gesswein area were amazing and extremely patient
with the millions of questions I shot at them (more professional
and nicer then one of your competors there by MILES) I bought my
sandblaster - once it is set up and going in a week or so if any
of you have questions let me know. I saved a ton of money with my
equipment and stone purchases. I also met alot of amazing people
and dealers. Elaine I missed you. I heard you had to get back to
the office.

I also attended Designer Day this past Friday. This is a must
for anyone who is starting out or needs business direction. Cindy
Edelstein with the Jewelers Resource Bureau put together an
amazing day chuck full of everything from motivational stories
from famous designers (Lisa Jenks for one) to lunch with a
several magazine editors discussing how to work your way into
their magazines. My favorite part of the day (which I can not
believe I actually enjoyed) was a workshop held by an accountant
about managing your money and business. I learned so much from
him. Next year I think I am switching accountants.

Now I want to go to the show in Rhode Island…


Hi All!

I was so pleased to meet so many of you in person at the
Gesswein booth! That was fun! I’m so sorry I missed so many of
you too on Sunday. I was enlisted to go back to the office on
Sunday to bring back some forgotten but much needed parts for
some of the equipment we wanted to demo.

I went to Platinum Day on Saturday. It was great! Very
informative. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in
working with platinum. Jurgen says there are plans for a
Platinum Day West again this year. So if you’re on the left
coast, you dont have to make the long haul back here. Give
Platinum Guild a call for the dates. Platinum Guild:

I was thinking next year at MJSA I’d like to hand out little
pins or something we Orchid folk can wear to identify each other.
Like a secret club - heehee! Maybe we can have a secret
handshake. OK now we KNOW I’m tired - just got back from show
last nite and still in a fog. :slight_smile:

Best Regards,

Elaine Corwin
Phone: 1-800-544-2043, ext 287
Fax: 203-335-0300

Elaine, Great idea about the Orchid pins. I would be pleased to
fuse them on Sparkie II either in my shop or live at the shows.
Let me know how you feel about this idea. Andy Harney, Triad