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MJSA Trade Show Providence 2006


First time for me…Thankyou everyone here. You all have been
helping me for 5 years now. I am on the verge of opening my own

I want to thank everyone I met at MJSA Providence this week. Great
show and the people we met were incredible. Wendy Rosen (she made the
convention for me), Chris Ploof (great presentation, the things you
do with a lathe), and all the vendors, Stuller, Gesswein, Pease and
Curren, SNAG. Everyone was so helpful. thankyou, thankyou.

sarah trafton-barao


It was a great time at the MJSA. I was so excited to meet people
I have been talking with for so long. I see the show only getting big
and better, for those who missed it don’t miss it next year.

andy the tool guy
stuller inc.


I went to the MJSA show in Providence RI last week. I thought the
show rather small, but there was some really good there.
This show was geared towards the industry with several refiners,
chain suppliers, and other such vendors. There were a few bead and
stone people there as well but what I found the most interesting and
I always do when I go to these type of shows is the little bits and
pieces of things you can pick up.

There was a man there from Germany who has invented a new casting
setup. It was really very innovative and I think well designed.
Stullers is marketing the setup for him here in the states. It looks
small and sort of toy like but I think that it may be a real
workhorse if one will give it a try.

There is always a lot of technology at these shows, cad programs,
etc. If you are planning on investing in any of these things it is
really worth your while to attend something like this. It is worth
it to really look into every booth and see what is being offered. It
may surprise you what you find.

There was also several visual workshops at the show. I set in on the
one about using a sherline mill in your ring production. It was very
interesting and fun. The man doing the presentation was very
engaging and full of bits of really good We have a mill
in the shop and have been using it for some things. We will
definitely put some of his pointers inyo our ring cleanup steps.
Providence was a pretty nice place to spend a couple of days. there
are decent restaurants and hotels right near the center where the
show is held.

There were people shooting a new TV series in my hotel, so it was
sort of fun to see Joey Pantoliano at Starbucks, later I was Billy
Joel at the same place. He was at my hotel too, so much for star
watch. Anyhow, the show was worth the trip, Just networking a little
and getting new is always valuable.