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MJSA show and things to do in NY

Hello to all

This will be the first time in NY, I’m arriving Saturday morning and
leaving Monday night and have no clue how to enjoy New York, except
the time I’ll be spending at the show.

I’ll be staying at the 45th st between 8th ave and Broadway (“that
should be enough, Ha”) soooooooo any suggestions ?any clues ?and
please, we are talking about having fun.

Thanks to all of you, who might feel the urge to help an alien in


Chinatown, East Village, West Village, Empire State Bldg., the site
of World Trade Center, jazz, broadway shows, off-broadway shows,
gallery openings, etc.

There is way too much to do. What’s your budget, what are your
interests. Grab a tourist book or go on-line and see what catches
your fancy, then perhaps come back w/ some more questions.

Noo Yawk is my hometown, and a GREAT place to visit. You will be in
’midtown’, and in my opinion, the best use of your limited leisure
time woud be to see a Broadway show.

There is nothing like it, if you enjoy live theater. Almost ANY show
that you choose will be something that you will enjoy.

There is a booth called ‘TKTS’ on Duffy Square, the center island of
47th Street between Broadway and 7th Avenue.

They have 1/2 price tickets to many major shows (safe to buy there.)
While you’re in line there, you’ll find ‘hawkers’ who have other 1/2
price offers. Only be careful not to buy tickets from hawkers, only
get their offers, and buy the ticket at the theater box office.

(I ALWAYS see at least one Broadway show when I’m in Noo Yawk…more
if I can.)

David Barzilay
Lord of the Rings
607 S Hill St Ste 850
Los Angeles, CA 90014-1718


(skipping the obvious like major museums, Faber Gallery etc) New York
things not to miss include:

Milon Indian restaurant-a remarkable visual adventure -good food too
on 1st Ave between 5th and 6th.

Manouns south of Washington Square park (best falafel in America)

Strand bookstore, one of the two best bookstores in America, Powels
in Portland, Oregon and Strand in New York at 12th and broadway, 18
miles of new and used books…


Dikram Bring a Warm jacket.

45th & 6th (Chelsea & Hell’s kitchen)

Walking distance you have Amy’s Bread, Cara Mia and perhaphs NY’s
finest food.

Two Blocks east towards 7th & Broadway you have the theatre
district. Take you pick.

One more block East you will be at Times Square. Get a coffee and
watch the crowds and savor NY’s free entertainment the colorful
crowd street vendors

You will need more time than what you have unless you forget about

If you are looking for good company and fine food come to the Monday
night Orchid dinner.

If you need help stop at Booth 101.

Kenneth Singh
46 Jewelry Supply,


Monday evening, consider attending the Orchid Dinner. Joel Schwab
and Kenneth Singh are both posting the here on list.

You will enjoy meeting fellow orchid members.


Fun comes in many forms and you can find it anywhere. But, in New

Get a $5 bus pass. Get a map. Go to See the American Crafts
Museum, see the Guggenheim, see the Simthsonian, see the Statue of
Liberty, walk across Central Park, find Cleopatra’s Needle hidden in
Central Park, sit in the front window of the Times Square Brewery
have a beer and watch the world go by…

Ooops! Times up, go home. Now that was fun!


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And Bill you forget the new MoMA Museum right next to the American
Crafts Museum- its AMAZING!!! So if you are coming to NYC you got to

dedemetal jewelry


Although I grew up in northern New Jersey, I moved away in 1981 for
the beautiful west.

I spent a great deal of time in N.Y City for enjoyment as well as
going to the Diamond District and must admit I do not ever remember
the Smithsonian being there. Has a branch of this great Museum been
added in N.Y. in the past 25 years.

My recommendation is to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art also
known as the Met.

Greg DeMark
Longmont, Colorado
Custom Jewelry - Handmade Jewelry - Antique Jewelry

To all of you

It’s such great, overwhelming feeling, to know that wonderful
people are still around. I had to print all the hints you gave guys
and I will be going through tonight, on the plane.

It is sad that I can’t make it to the dinner hence I’m flying back
to San Diego Monday eve, but it will be nice to meet at the show or
what ever is convenience.

by the way, is there an Orchid booth or desk so we can leave some
contact info.

Thank you very much, I hope I can return the favor one day.

Dikran N

Friday is my hang around NYC day.

If you are looking for something different in a museum, I suggest,

This is a new museum that specializes in Tibetan Art. Stunning
Thankas, both painted and woven, exquisite gold vessels with coral
and turquoise and beautiful buddhas.


Karen Christians
50 Guinan St.
Waltham, MA 02451
Ph. 781/891-3854 Fax 3857
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I do not ever remember the Smithsonian being there.  Has a branch
of this great Museum been added in N.Y. in the past 25 years. 


The Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum ( is part of the
Smithsonian Institution. It’s on 5th at 91st and is definitely
worth a visit for anyone interested in design. They have a lot of
textile and paper works, but there is also an exhibit right now on
the decorative arts of China and Japan and how they traded with teh
U.S. and Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries - it features works
in porcelain, silver, enamels, lacquer and more and I found it
fascinating. The exhibit really helps illustrate how the asian
influences crept in to many of the design traditions and techniques
we use today.

Karen Goeller


Thank you for the about the Cooper - Hewitt being a part
of the Smithsonian. I will make a point to check it out next time I
am in N.Y.

Greg DeMark
Longmont, Colorado
Custom Jewelry - Handmade Jewelry - Antique Jewelry