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Mixing silver and epoxy resin

Hello all, I’d like to do a small side project using coloured epoxy
resin. I have read in Kathie Murphy’s book, Resin Jewellery, that
using resin as cold enamel will eventually discolour both the silver
and enamel unless the silver is coated, unfortunately without going
into detail. Can anyone offer any advice?

Catherine from sunny Queensland (Australia)


I use resin in my work extensively. I have not had any problems
with the silver discoloring, beyond the silver tarnishing a little
through age.

However, I do seal my resin with Krylon Matt spray, only to pop the
colors from the final sanding. Since most of my resin contents are
from organic substances, the spray also helps seal it against the

The resin is not colored before hand however, I use clear Devcon two
ton epoxy and mix my own colors. There might be something in the
colors itself.

Hope this helps,