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Mixing gold and silver PMC

Please tell us about putting 24k on using PNC, how thick, can you
use slip etc . Thanks!

'Fraid I haven’t tried anything too creative, technical or
original yet! At $215 a quarter ounce, I’m backing into
experimenting with gold!

What I have done so far is to lay small, nugget-like pieces of
24K PMC on top of the silver PMC. I just tap the gold clay into
the silver and it fires looking smilar to nuggets. An
interesting effect that I wasn’t expecting is the gold is raised
higher than the surface of the silver, even though they were
almost level before firing. One explanation may be because I
cannot fire the piece to the recommended temp for gold withouth
melting the silver. Thus, I would assume, there may be a tad of
the organic material still in the gold. (Charles, Dana or anyone
have any ideas about this?) However, I have noticed the gold PMC
is denser than the silver PMC.

Haven’t tried applying gold slip (yet).

Is it legal in the US to stamp both the .999 and 24K on the back
of the piece? My findings (posts, usually, are sterling).

As far as I know it is not legal (I do something like this
however myself), you may only legally stamp with the lowest
value/least precious material. Charles


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