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Mixing deox and sterling

I have been told that when casting, one should not mix de-ox and
sterling. I have some de-ox sprues which I have cut into small
pieces so they would be easy to melt. I was planning to use them
adding fresh sterling to the melt in proportions of 50% (half de-ox
and half fresh sterling). However, a friend says that I should not
mix the two metals, and furthermore, I should not plan on reusing
the de-ox, as it is only good for one casting, even if fresh de-ox
grains were added, and most certainly I should not be adding
sterling to the mix.

I never heard this before and wonder if it is true.


I wouldn’t imagine it would be a problem. You are virtually,
alloying a new silver and the elements shouldn’t burn off completely
with the heat of a torch. I wouldn’t expect it would have the deox
properties of that alloy as you are adding copper from your sterling.
I would be more inclined to use fine silver but that’s my preference
when working in silver anyway-I rarely use sterling.

You should call the vendor that sold you the de-ox grain and talk to
their tech person.


I have been using the de ox sterling since it was introduced in 1978
or so.

You can mix it with regular sterling. It help minimize firescale and

It actually helps to overheat it a bit. It’s the only sterling I use
and make.

I don’t fabricate much and cast two or three times a week with
anywhere from four to ten flasks.

Both torch (not acetylene) as well as handimelt work well.

Just make sure you stir the molten metal before the cast.

I also prefer borax (20 Mule Team Borax laundry detergent) as a
melting flux.

Todd Hawkinson

Thank you for your help with my question about mixing deox and
sterling. I am glad to know that I can mix it with the sterling.


The one thing I did not mention, is that I exclusively use the
United Sterling Deox #88.

There are several different sources for it and perhaps several
different formulas.

Best regards,