Mixed metal cleaning, clarification

Hello again, Want to say thank you to the people who have already
answered my post regarding cleaning of earrings made with a
combination of metals, but I think I was not clear in my description
of what I am doing. The designs have no soldering but are often put
together with cold connections so in many cases metals such as
copper or brass which tarnish and patina quickly are riveted to
annodized aluminum or sterling. It would be impossible to isolate
parts without completely taking the piece apart. . . which is why I
was wondering if there is somethings I can used to dip the entire
piece (sort of clean what needs it in one shot and not effect the
parts, such as the aluminum which doesn’t need cleaning, in the
process) I know it is asking alot and I am stumped but as one
fellow artist said if I am having problems just in the time I am
storing the pieces I need to be able to tell my customers what they
can do after wearing them.

The designs are really selling well and I hate to abandon them
because of this problem but I find customers will not buy a piece
they don’t think they can keep looking good fairly easily. I hope
this is more clear and look forward to the wisdom of the group for

Again, thanks for the tips so far!! GRACE

Why don’t you drop some mixed scrap of the metals that you use into
different mixtures and see what works the best with the least harm?
Tarnex silverware cleaner will work on the silver, copper and brass
and I suspect that it will not hurt the anodized aluminum. I think
that the most dangerous thing to do to the anodized aluminum would be
to use anything that would scratch the surface. Have you considered
using Renaissance Wax on all of the parts? Marilyn Smith