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Missing pages in Murray Bovin

Thanks, but the 2005 edition doesn’t line up with the original. I
have had an offer for the same but the contents aren’t the same.

I really appreciate your answer.


Hi Sue,

I’ve got both of his books around here somewhere, from about the
early '90s. What pages are you missing?

I just found the gold one (jewelry making) and it’s 26th printing,
1989. The silver one (silversmithing) is. around here somewhere.
Maybe in a box, god help you.

But it’s similar vintage.

Let me know if/what you need.


Hi Sue,

I’ve got both Bovin’s Silversmithing (7th printing 1979) and Jewelry
Casting (6th printing 1977).

I’m sorry I didn’t catch the beginning of this thread. Are either of
these the one you are looking for? Happy to help if I can.

Best Wishes, Debbie

have you considered a library search…

Thanks so much but I have just been sent the pages and it’s all
good. Your book is too old and doesn’t have the right pages.

Thanks to all who have messaged me.