Missing enameled piece

In March 2003, Jai Roberts, an emerging jeweler and enamelist In
Eugene Oregon was tragically killed in a house fire with her two
children. I have been contacted by her husband, as I knew her in
graduate school at the University of Oregon, to help him locate one
of her pieces. ‘Tit Purse’ was in a show during this time and has
not been returned. Her husband does not know where the show was but
is understandably trying to find it. I would describe this piece as
a raised and repoussed breast-shaped purse with a dark wooden
polka-dotted handle, realistically colored with pink enamels. The
interior is formed and fabricated, with a large positive relief of a
brilliant-cut diamond in one half that fits into a negative recess
of the same size and shape in the other half when closed and
clasped. My guess is that it was in an enameling show, which would
have still been up, or just closing in March. Please email me if
this sounds familiar to anyone. Thank you, Heidi Schwegler