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Mirror finish on flat back of larger piece

I’ve been stalking the Jooltool website for a number of years, and I believe this Home Depot model is similar to the manufacturer’s least expensive kit, except the Home Depot model has the flexshaft and fewer abrasive disks.

The abrasives are the most expensive accessories, and no matter which kit you buy, you will need to buy more of the abrasives, so get the kit that has exactly what you need. When you compare the cost of accessories in each kit, the Home Depot listing is not much of a bargain over buying a kit from the manufacturer, especially when they have a sale.

The machine is identical in every kit, so if you are trying to save money, it’s imperative to figure out exactly what accessories you need because they account for the variance in cost of the kits. If you create an account on the manufacturer’s website, you will get notification of their sales.

I personally am not on the market for this item (I’m not in North America), but for anyone who is, The Home Depot offer is a much better deal, if suitable. That is, it would be if it were available :slight_smile:

Janet in Jerusalem

I suspect that Home Depot offering might be a discontinued kit, not available after the inventory is depleted. Which could explain why it’s the only model offered by Home Depot.

Personally, I would not use that flex-shaft attachment, because the Jooltool’s maximum speed is 5,000 rpm which is too slow for a flex-shaft and you probably couldn’t put any pressure against it.

The last thing I would want to do is to burn out the motor while I had so much value tied up in the abrasives which only fit the Jooltool.

Hi Janet…yes I see it is no longer in stock at Home Depot USA. I did my homework and the Home Depot Jooltool offer was a screaming good deal because of all the accessories bundled with the unit. We purchased ours at the beginning of Sept 2019 and the main distribution centre of Home Depot USA had 4 in stock. You can purchase it directly from Jooltool but the cost of the accessories don’t make it as appealing as the Home Depot deal. These guys sell it in the US: and as you can see things get way more expensive. These guys sell it too: Good luck…Greg

Sorry, I haven’t been on for awhile. It’s used for everything: Gold- yellow, white, rose also sterling and Argentium and stainless steel (316L) and titanium. It’s the cut down and final polish. No other compound is used, sometimes a deburr with a 3M wheel, but mostly just polish the heck out of things. It’s fast and gives a bright, flawless finish (and we are picky).