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Minor torch using natural gas

I just completed hooking up a Minor torch using natural gas and
oxygen. Works great, but I have a concern. The natural gas pressure
(1/4 psi) is too low to flow through the flame arrester (needs 1/2
psi) that came with the torch kit so we couldn’t use it. Does
natural gas need a flame arrester or is there one built into the gas
meter? If I need one, where can I find one that will pass the gas at
1/4 psi? Thanks.

John Fetvedt

Hi John! I used natural gas with my Minor for several years and
loved it. I’m looking forward to moving into a nat gas house so I can
reconnect again.

You don’t need a flashback arrestor with normal house pressure gas.
As you’ve discovered, it will not flow adequately. My plumber set me
up with a standard shutoff valve that connected directly to
propane-rated hose and it worked very well. If you don’t have an easy
to use shutoff valve, ask for one. Many are designed only for
occasional, emergency use.

Flame on!
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