[Minnesota] Looking for apprentices

I am currently looking for apprentices.

This would be an old world style of training.

Mostly manufacturing and repair bench skills.

Contact me off line for additional

Todd Hawkinson

Just an FYI, there’s a new not for profit website called


A note to all:

There is a registered jewelry apprenticeship in the State of
Minnesota. This has more to do with working for a jeweler who is
willing to join the program. I have more on this if
anyone is interested.

The Jewelry Department at the Minneapolis Community & Technical
College is relocating to The Southeast Technical College in Red Wing
Minnesota. If you want to see an impressive school, look at the type
of training offered there. They still instruct guitar and violin
makers. The guitar program alone starts 48 students each fall. The
students come from all over the world. The jewelry program will make
a great addition to the college.

My request for apprentices will be through the Southeast Technical
College. The Jewelry Program has recently been added to the course
offerings there. This is all concentrated hands on training. Open
the link for course

The town of Red Wing is a small beautiful community on the banks of
the Mississippi River. A great arts area with several art fairs in
the region through out the year.

I would be happy to talk apprenticeship with anyone interested.

Todd Hawkinson