Minneapolis jewelry attractions

My husband and I will attend a meeting in Minneapolis from July 5-12.
Are there any special things I might see/visit? Interesting bead
stores? Supply places (anything like Metalliferous in NYC)? Jewelry
exhibits? Other?

TIA–Judy Bjorkman

Come and visit my bead store in St Paul. We’re very easy to find and
sell beads, leatherworking supplies, and metal working supplies as
well as finished Native American-made crafts and jewelry. Email me
for more directions, hours, etc.

Sandra Graves


The Midwest Arts Directory has a free listing of shows.

Find it on the web and put your dates in. They print a decent yearly
Art Fair calendar for the Midwest that has help with show planning

You don’t need to be a member for what you are looking for.


Len and Judy Bjorkman, for your Minneapolis trip I would suggest
visiting George Sawyer. He makes beautiful Makume Gane jewelry.

Michelle Fontaine