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Hi all,

Two comments in one day, heck hogging the wires…

Mining from my point of view is a big big gamble, I would rather
put my money into sitting in a casino in Vegas, Acupulco, Sun
City etc have a good time in comfort, and knowing that I’ll
probably lose if I win great!! Once the money is gone you go
home!! maybe not richer but certainly wiser.

Mining investment is money that you can afford to lose and not
worry about ie not the kids college education. The problem is
once you start to dig you are committed and no matter how good
the reports are you can still miss the vein and invest great sums
of money and see nothing back. BUT the nagging question is if I
just put a bit more then maybe I’ll hit it big and so the drain
goes on.

There is the famous story here of the Emerald miner who dug and
dug, got nothing out of his mine worth jack, disallusioned he
sold it, 2 days later the new buyer hit big, a one off pocket,
retrieved the investment and a very healthy profit and has never
mined since!!! but these stories are few and far between.

I would rather sit as I do, invest in parcels of rough from the
miners especially the small operator who can mine cheaper than
most as his overheads are very low etcetc. and still make a
reasonable profit.

But with all said, if you like the thought of investing in our
continent Africa, be careful, check all angles, including the
rules governing foreign shareholders in local companies, who is
running the company, what is your shareholding, who are the
directors, why do the proposers of the plan need money, why can’t
they borrow it from a bank etcetc. Then cross your fingers and
hope it all goes well.

best regards
david chivers

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