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Minimalist trend


rebecca - i was talking to 2-D artist (painter) at a show this weekend
& he commented that a judge had suggested he do more work like a
certain painting of his. the artist replied that he preferred doing
that kind of work if it would sell, but it won’t. then i realized how
lucky i am to do the designs i want the way i want them & have them
sell. BIG is indeed IN. since i cut my stones they tend to be large
to show them best, but i keep the rest of the piece with a minimum of
froufrou - an old southern term for ‘gaudy’, pronounced “gaw-owddy”.
as to ‘sets’ (with earrings), i point out that there is no such thing
as a GOOD ‘first, second & third impression’ when it comes to jewelry
impact - either they do it with a neckpiece or a pair of earrings,
but not together. at least not without looking like a jewelry
clearance counter. so stick to 'b-i-g & simple - as in ‘simply b-i-g
sales’ - ive ps: if whoever wanted me to post pics of my work wants to
show me how to do it without downloading the orchid ftp process -
which gives my pentium win’98 bells & whistles the vapors - please
let me know.

Hanuman’s Response:

Ive; You can send the pictures to me as an email attachments and I
will put it on the Orchid FTP server. hth Hanuman