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Miniature glass blocks


Kim, you want to search the sites for doll-house products. They
surely have everything for building such things in the traditional
1" to 1’ scale. You may even find a shop in your area that sells
miniatures - look in yellow pages. You might even find some
furnishings that would make nice displays. Good luck. Pat


Actually, The easiest thing to do , if you can’t find the glass you
are looking for is to use clear plastic /acrylic or some such
material. It is available in a variety of sizes in round, square,
rectangular as well as many thicknesses of sheet. You simply cut it
to the size you want and polish the cut ends. In this manner, you
can make small clear bricks , rounds etc… All sorts of sizes and
shapes are from

Hope this is helpful

Daniel Grandi
Racecar Jewelry Co. Inc.
We do casting , finishing and a whole lot more for designers ,
jewelers , students and people in the trade.