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Mineral fiber



I’m responding to your post about the mineral fiber. Is this
stuff expensive? Where could I get a piece? I work with enamels
and glass and am very interested.


Jeff Cleveland aka JevFro

505 E. 3rd
Ellensburg, Washington 98926

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Hi Jeff,

The last time that I bought this material I went halfsies with a
friend, and he did the ordering. I have called him and he will
look up the name of the supplier and will send it to me by the
end of this week. Look in a Dental Lab Supply catalog because
there are firing trays in a 'zillion different shapes and sizes.
There is even a powder/liquid custom tray material available.
I will E-mail you when I get the Where are you
located? I am in Illinois just West of Chicago.

Warmest Regards,


Skip Meister
N.R.A. Endowment &
Certified Instructor
in all disciplines
Certified Illinois D.N.R.
Hunter Ed, Instructor



These trays sound very interesting. Sorry I forgot my signature
file on that last post. I’m in Washington, about 2hrs east from
Seattle (not exactly in your neck o’ the woods). What sizes are
these trays? Tiny for teeth, or large enough for 2"x 2" work?
Also where would I find a dental supply catolog? I have been
considering firing enamels w/ some really odd shapes and trying
some slumping of sheet glass into/ or through fine silver. Are
these pricey, and how long do they last? Thanks alot,

Jeff Cleveland aka JevFro
505 E. 3rd
Ellensburg, Washington 98926