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Milton, the maven student!

Hello Orchidians !

Many times over the past 3 years this setter and Milton have
corresponded back and forth over Cyber. We initially met through
Orchid 3 years ago and today marks the second of two, arranged
lessons in teaching stone setting. I am showing him the subtle
nuances of graver shaping and “Gypsy” a.k.a.Flush Setting at my

Although Calgary is over 2,000 miles away from Toronto,Canada, he is
spending two days of his precious vacation time with me. Many times
I can teach through the “printed media”. To watch the actual
hand-motions and speak to the instructor, is much more appreciated
than the fine print.

It is great to attend a class of many, and try to grasp the
teachings, but to have a “one-on-one” training is so much more a well
proven method…“Gerry, the Cyber-Setter!”