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Milling wax

For a number of years now I have been using my computer engraving
system to carve wax models for parts in my jewelry. I have had a
problem with the type of waxes that I have been using. When I make
deep cuts, the wax clogs up. I’d be obliged if anyone out there can
recommend a source for milling waxes of the type used in CNC Milling

Tks. Robert Hood

I have an engraver and am very curious why you are cutting the wax
and not the metal (gold or silver)? Is it loss of the metal that
is routed out or something else? Those carbide tips will last a long
time with soft metal. As far as clogging wax, you’ll probably have
to reduce speed to or otherwise cool. tx, Regis

Robert, my CNC experience is still limited but we do two things on
our CNC machine. One is compressed air is blown next to the mill end,
adjustable by a valve to move material out of the way. The other is we
have used a compressed wood block material that carves like wax but is
more stable and less clogging than such. I will double check but I
believe this material is available thru Frei and Borel and comes in
various densities.
…good luck, gianna…

The Kindt-Collins Company in Cleavland manufactures a wax for the
purposes of machining. It is excellent, I use it for years.

Any suggestions on classes to learn more on CNC classes or Machining?
I have a feeling these will give me more insight on the bench.
Thanks Linda Steinke

Something to consider when milling wax is the spindle speed. I had
trouble also with wax flakes left in my pieces. I experimented with
the spindle speed and discovered that slower a speed leaves much less
flake material. Seems that at a faster speed the cutter tip remelts,
due to friction, a small amount of the flake - just enough to make it
stick in the design. Usually right where you don’t want it.

Try an industrial supply house. Ask for machineable wax. MSC
( lists several size blocks & rounds> a 7x3x1.5
block is $6.42, a 24x24x 2 is 211.60,2x12" round is 7.06, a 5.88x18"
is 89.68. There are other sizes in between the 2 extremes. MSC’s #s
for the items are 00263343,00263384, 00263301, 00263335.

This wax can be glued together with crazy glue if needed.


Scooby ! I Buy a blue block of wax 4"x4" x 9" from Rutland Tool Co.
in Houston, Texas that can be Machined, Drilled and Tapped. also
Carved by hand and when you get throuh put all the scrap in pan melt
and pore in paste board box let cool and go again. but just melt it
dont firy it .

Rutland is also call AIR GAS and they or over the Country. Have Fun
Bill D.

Hi Linda, This is Johnny I. Take some machine shop classes at a tech
school or community college. Or, Get a job working for a job shop
where they do all different kinds of work. That’s how Adrian’s Mom
and Dads shop was. I think if you get good on a CAD system that would
help too. Here’s a website where you can download a Free fully
functional CAD program. I have it and I really like it. It’s very
similar AutoCAD but better. The only catch
with Rhino is you can only save 25 times. What I did was I saved the
program on a Zip disk and every time I use up the 25 saves I delete
the program and reinstall. You also loose the ability to render as a
solid. But that’s OK because I just use it to help me do layouts. The
most important thing I found using CAD is that it helped me to
understand symmetry so much better. That aspect is so critical in
jewelry making. Please try to keep this confidential. Bye
for now, Your friend, Johnny I

Bill, how do you deal with friction melt when milling…slow speeds
and feeds can really drag a project…

thanks for the response … luck and prosperity for us all…
gianna…aka, scooby

I am acquainted with Robert McNeel of McNeel and Associates, the
Seattle Wa. based company that produces the Rhino3d program. The
program is considered by many as “state of the art.”

With all due respect, the download version is a “trial” version and
intended for seeing if you like the program. After the 25 saves you
are expected to PURCHASE the program which is very inexpensive when
compared to other programs of it’s class. If you are a student you can
buy it at a student discount rate. By purchasing the program you are
financially contributing to their success and dedication to supporting
the program to its’ fullest.

I am a firm believer in doing the right thing and supporting the


Arthur Gordon,