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Mike Brenner - Bench Exchage

Just want to share my work space, it’s been evolving for a number of years.
Finally at the point of not making changes. - Mike


Really nice! Thanks for sharing


How do the tools (files, etc) on the right, move out the way when you need to solder?

Jean Marie,

The file disk is mounted on an arm with a pivot screw on the left end. It is moveable to gain a few more inches, but at 13 1/2 inches I find it to be room enough.
I tried to attach 2 additional photos , but do not think that they are included.
If you would like send me your email (it did not appear in your post) and I’ll try to send them direct.
Thanks for your interest,

Nicely thought out…but I can assure you you will change it…I have had my perfect bench I think 50 times over the last 47 years… Enjoy it it is a very nice set up…

Well,…I thought I had my perfect bench set up……until I began improving it. Now its just another mess that needs cleaning up……again!!

Welcome to my world😆

Mile Brenner has all of his bench & accessories made of wood!! He is a very skilled craftsman, those many benches were all made by himself. When I visited him, I was amazed with his workshop, every tool had it’s own slot & space… Simply amazing.:wink:
We should have him give us ideas on how to build a bench like his! Better yet, make video-tour of his shop!

Gerry Lewy!..just Sent from my iPhone!


Thank you for the compliment.


Thank you, yes I know, sometimes I like to fool myself.

I agree, I want to see his studio! Aloha, angi in Hana

This gemstone setter will be again travelling. I will be going to Mansfield, Ohio end of this month for a 4-day venue. If there is anyone who would like to contact me… please write offline.

Gerry Lewy!..just Sent from my iPhone!


I really like the “open floor plan” of your pin and sweeps area. I am starting to think about converting to that style…I am seeing less need for the higher benchtop lately…hard on my shoulders i think…

I had seem something similar on YouTube…Lance Johnson’s set up…but your’s is way more custom made, organized, and tidy!

Lance has a wider version of your open drawer style and has a bunch of things mounted on a (metal) wall in front of him…his third hand, GRS bench pin, GRS benchmate…a soldering board with a dovetail mount for the GRS…

he just flips the third hand out of the way when not in use! It’s a unique way of working!

…water, pickle right in the drawer, with a soldering brick…he does kinda just toss everything in there though…definitely not tidy, but interesting!



Working surface of my sweep drawer & work bench is 29 1/2 in from floor. I find that a good height for my comfort.
I work with the hand piece there, in front of the vacuum port for polishing.
When grinding ( no vacuum ) I add the deflector, the ground metal falls in the sweep drawer.

I keep the pickle pot, water for quenching and liver of silver near to the soldering station, the exhaust fan port takes all the fumes outside.
It is also sheltered from light, so I can observe metal color when using torch.

Heavy work I do on the side bench, it has solid, legs & top. With swivel stool it is convent to go between work areas.

Hope that I am giving good explanation. Will try to add pictures to this posting, for further clarity.
If the pictures do not go thru, you can send me your email I will send them direct.


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