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Midas Tarnish-Shield

I purchased the Midas Tarnish-Shield and am hoping someone can help
answer this question: If I am going to be using this on an almost
daily basis, can I use what I need and funnel it back into the
container when I’m done and keep reusing it? Or can I store it in a
container and use it until it becomes contaminated? If so, what kind
of container should I use for dipping and storing the solution? It
just seems like a huge waste to have to throw out the liquid once
I’ve dipped the pieces that need to be done that day. Lastly, is
this a dangerous solution to use? The supplier told me it wasn’t and
that there was no smell and no need for a respirator - but the
packaging states differently. I definitely don’t want to risk my
health, and would like to hear how other people protect themselves
when working with this product.