Microscope/binocular screen

Hello everyone,

I m looking for a microscope to inspect jewelry finishing that can be displayed on screen.

Do you have an idea of tools where we can finish our jewelry only when we look to the screen.

Thank you

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Look for a trinocular scope. A digital one might also work but they aren’t great for much besides inspecting. If you look through my posts you can see the microscope I have that can take a camera.

You don’t have to have a microscope. Use a video camera with a close up lens…

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In my look through Amazon, I saw a digital scope called a “soldering microscope” , longer space between the item and made to work under. I got a cheap digital a couple years ago, too short distance from lens to platform. Another Enamelist suggested turning the assembly of the adjustment stem around on the platform, which then was off balance, needs a weight. But scope was then set free to be put up higher, making room under it for tools/ hands.

Micro shots with cameras, sometimes you can use a loop to get in there with the camera lenses…


the objective lens choice affects the working distance between the work piece and the lens…

look into what objective lens they come with, and what others are available for the equipment…


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Hi Michael, possibly the cheapest way is to buy the strongest reading glasses from the “two dollar Store”.
If you can work polishing jewellery wearing these glasses then your on your way. But make sure that your not wearing anything on your hands and wrists and you have a proper hairnet on. Then if it’s not working for you then your way ahead money wise and the reading glasses should be good to experiment with stone setting. With good microscopes you can buy a barlow lens which will possibly double your working distance but they are not that common second hand. Nikon is a good brand and if you ask around you might pick one up second hand as universities are upgrading equipment. Five to twenty times is a handy size but you might have to purchase a riser to handle the increased working distance.

Thank you all

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