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Micromotors and then some

Hello all in Orchidland. I’ve been reading up as much as I can about
the the varietal joys of using micromotors as I try to narrow my
choices on which one will be best for me. It seems to be impossible
to make the right choice by just reading and there’s no local bank
of test drive options around that I know of.

I’ve happened upon the Foredom Micromotor Kit 1050 which has a
brushless motor. I can appreciate the benefit of that feature, as
well as it’s awfully cute R2-D2ish design, but my big interest lies
in a hammer handpiece. I have yet to find mention that a hammer
handpiece is an option with it. Is it?

Or should I look into the 1090 Micromotor that includes both rotary
and hammer handpieces (with motor brushes). The prices aren’t all
that different but I don’t want to be plagued with buyers’ remorse.
I want the right choice to last me years and years. More than
anything, I’d love any and all opinions. Thanks a thousand, (more or
less around that amount)


MIke Zagielski, at foredom can give you the details of
interchangeability of handpieces…(Blackstone industries / Foredom

But their are alot of micromotors out there and many cheaper witha
longer warranty.

however, I love hammer handpieces, and feel incomplete without one
(or two)…and a few shaped anvil points and a diamond tip…so go for
the cheaper,carbon brush model if NOT interchangeable…just buy the
brushes as spares whrn buying the unit…perhaps use it as a
bargaining point ( if you throw in a set or two of spare brushes you
have a sale- type telephone conversation)…However, many hammer
handpieces are not universal, so do do the research…

Foredom direct also has alot of sales this time of ear so check that
link first before going through a middleman supply.

Also DON"T OVERLOOK Canyon State Dental Supply…right now they have
two great micromotors one on sale for 299.00-799.00 or there about,
that is not only high torque low speed but variable and reversible
speed…and runs very cool after hours on hours of grinding, carving,
hamering etc. ( i just sent them back a#700 series test unit !- loved
it’s reversible feature, and the run time, as well as the
ergonomically correct handpiece and carbon pile foot pedal…and
SELF_DIAGNOSING features the price was another factor that made it
attractive,and that it comes with two handpieces,one a hammer type
but the anvils will need modification for jewelry purposes- if you
want to modify them, I guess).

I personally would rather change brushes for a few reasons If you are
a beginning jeweler:…they are a great indicator of the way you use/
are using a tool, and when maintenance is needed…I have had sealed
brushless motors, and micromotors ( abeit proxxon ) in the past, and
there was no indication that the units were on their way to death
from overuse…or when it was time to change out a core( on the
flexshaft) or other simple, oft overlooked maintainence details that
would have been easier with a simple turn of a button and brush
examination… and if you do opt for a micromotor you may want to
consider checking, or their vast assemblage of
micromotors and parts primarily intended for a dental audience but
the two arts are so close that all products are interchangeable
between dentistry and goldsmithing…

I have used Buffalo dental micromotors before ( brushless) and for
about 400 bucks,with an optional 140 dollar hammer handpiece- though
both are in the gulf of mexico presently, they worked fine for about
a year or two!!