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Microcrystalline wax for chasing

I just finished a chasing workshop with David A Huang. An artist who
in my opinion has made absolutely beautiful vessels from copper,
which are then finished with sterling wire, and internally gold
leafed. OK the question I have for this group, AND, to get off some
way to long threads, is. Has anyone hear used microcrystalline wax
in the place of pitch? Which by the way is how David A Huang does his
work. To me it seems very ingenious, and so much less messy than
pitch. While I am only, at this point, a hobbyist, I can see
benefits… Just a thought and question. I have to also make a
shout-out to Mrs Julie Sanford owner of “” who made
EVERYONE in the class very comfortable even giving up her own
chasing (learning) time to make this possible. I’m still very bad at
including “E” addresses so here are the pertinent ones and

WOW that worked. Hoe to gain more insight, as i always seem to with
this site.

Thank You

I, too, took David’s class. We have been using the wax in our chasing
and repousse class instead of pitch, and it works very well in the
pitch bowl. Warms quickly with a heat gun, releases clean, no odor.
When working very deep patterns, however, the wax doesn’t seem to
hold the piece quite as well as the pitch does.

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Hello Silver

A question occurred to me looking at David Huang’s work which is
quite lovely. Does he gild with cold working methods like leaf with
sizing or is it a plating?


He gilds the inside of the vessels with 23 karat gold leaf that he
burnishes onto the surface. I don’t remember what he uses for sizing.

Emie Stewart

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HI Sam,

It’s gold leaf put on with sizing.

Stunning work, no? I’m lucky enough to have one of his bowls that
was done specifically for me, so I’m a bit biased.

David is one of the very few working metalsmiths whose work I’ve
collected. Absolutely the real deal, and a wonderful person to boot.


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A note on gilding, unless you have vast experience and the correct
safety equipment, and perhaps a death wish, DO NOT FIRE GILD. This
involves dissolving gold in mercury and then burning off the mercury.
An extremely poisonous process and not to be tried in hobby land.
However the results are outstanding.


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