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Micro Stamp vs Rio Stamps

Hi everyone, I’m sure that part of this answer is “quality”, but the
difference in price between Micro Stamp’s 18k hallmark stamp ($75.00)
and Rio’s ($9.95) is just so vast. I need 18k, 22k, Sterling, and
.999 stamps and I’m balking at paying $300.00 versus $40.00.

I’ll be doing very low-quantity production of fabricated items to
start, so it’s not like I’ll be stamping pieces a lot (ie: stressing
the stamp with high repitition), but then again, if I’ve worked very
hard on a piece, I want the hallmark stamp to be crisp and
discernable. Have I just answered my own question? But $75 versus

Anyone out there been able to compare the two?



I have a sterling stamp and a copyright stamp from Rio and a custom
stamp from Micro. All have been used consistently for a few months now
and I can not see any difference in the impressions made over that
time. Hope this helps.


Yes. Miscrostamps are extraordinary. Minute fine detail and very easy
to apply without marring the metal. I use one tailor-made (a picture
of a toad and my written initials) for my hallmark but I use
ordinary ones to mark quality.

The differences are in two areas The size of the type and the method
of application. The Rio stamp is larger type face than the Microstamp
and is applied with a hammer. The Microstamp is a much smaller stamp
and is applied with hand pressure becausi tit is smaller and


A long time ago, I was told that the price reflects how the stamp was
made and the quality and crispness of the stamp. I was told that the
cheap ones are made by being struck on a die. If you look closely at
the stamp, the “cutting” surface isn’t really sharp and the resulting
impression bruises the metal (cheap 14k, etc. type stamps). If I
recall properly, the expensive ones are cut or etched. The stamp’s
"cutting" edges are quite crisp and the resulting image is sharp and
doesn’t bruise and spread the metal being stamped.


I have used both the rio stamps and the micro stamps and all I can
say is you get what you pay for. The micro stamps are so sharp you
don’t need to use a hammer to make and discernable mark. As long as
you use steady pressure along with a gentle rocking motion you can
eliminate the awkward positioning when you have a hammer, the stamp
and the piece in your two hands. This way it’s only the stamp and
the piece. Maybe just get the micro stamp in the one you use the
most and determine that way. I almost gaurantee that once you start
using a micro stamp you’ll find yourself spoiled and over time with
the amount of pieces you might find that the will pay for themselves
over time.

Hello Susan,

I think you answered your own question. The stamps that Rio sells are
made by Harper I have been using their
stamps for years. They are larger than Microstamps Microstamp makes very small but
crisp impressions, from .45 mm down to .25 mm. I need magnification to
read this small print. If you ask for the brochure they well send you
a stamped sample.

Timothy A. Hansen

TAH Handcrafted Jewelry
e-mail: @Timothy_A_Hansen

I have been using Rio / SWEST stamps for years now. I bought my .925
stamp 10 years ago, and I am still getting good impressions out of
it. The only time I ordered anything from MicroStamp (MS) was when I
wanted a custom stamp made with my “makers mark”. I bought that
stamp about 8 years ago and that still works fine too. I don’t know
why people are worrying about the stamp wearing out. Think about it,
you are using a hardened steel stamp against a very soft material (by
comparison). So what if the $10 stamp only lasts you only 5 years,
just think how many you can buy for the $75 you would spend at MS.
Don’t get me wrong, I think MS has great products, and I can tell you
they do fantastic work, but to me their true value is in their custom
products and not in widely available merchandise.

I bought I microstamp but I use it with a hammer, it seems like
everyone is using a different one then me. Mine is pain to use. which
microstamp stamp works only with hand pressure??