Michelle Obama's rhoduim ring

Who the heck is Giovanni Bosco? 

Here’s their website http://www.boscogioielli.it/ complete with a
statement on their homepage in Italian & English regarding That
Ring. Interestingly, if you click on “Harmony” in their Photos
section the page is unavailable.

Full marks to whoever does their PR!

Deborah Miller

Here is the harmony page

Ahmed Shareek

Full marks to whoever does their PR! 

This whole story was news to me - I don’t get out much…

I was amazed that someone reportedly had made a ring out of rhodium,
though, and not because of the expense. Rhodium is rock hard, not
very malleable, and tends to break rather than bend. Plus the
melting point is 1965C/3567F. Kind of like tungsten carbide, but not
THAT hard. Crispy…It’s more like a rock than a metal, in some of
it’s properties. That’s really just book knowlege, because nobody
actually makes things out of it for those reasons. And sure enough,
the website says the ring is only rhodium plated (black rhodium).
Just that if any were inspired to try a “rhodium ring” - that would
be truly difficult.