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Michelle Obama's rhodium ring

OK. So word is out that the President Elect is going to come across
with some serious bling for the soon-to-be First lady. This raises
some interesting questions.

Firstly, as a jeweler, what the heck do you have to do to make a
ring out of rhodium? I have never heard of such a thing! If this high
profile celebrity purchase inspires a fashionable demand for rhodium
jewelry, what do you have to do to work rhodium. Who sells it? Who
cast it? How do you weld it? Where do you go to learn?

Secondly, Who the heck is Giovanni Bosco? I Googled the name with
"jewelry" and the first page of results are mostly various versions
of the story about this ring. I can see that he is Italian and find a
little bit about what trade shows he was in. I would have thought
that an American jeweler might a more seemly choice since they have
to know that there is going to be all kinds of “gotcha!” spin put on

Thirdly, Does this mean it is going to be OK to indulge in decadent
pretty things? I sure hope so! My big worry about the current
situation is that even those who could afford and want nice jewelry
would hold off because it might seem to be in poor taste right now.
This could be a good thing for jewelrs at a time when we need some
good news.

This story turned out to be another totally false rumor.


I was pretty suspicious of another MSM sound bite shortcut error-
Rhodium is unworkable in and of itself.

I see the Italian manufacturer is correcting the MSM on a couple
points- No correspondent got a price from them, and rhodium is the
finish, as we jewelers would expect.

Daniel Ballard