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Michelle Kaye Robison - Jewelry Gallery

Michelle Kaye Robison
Robison Studios
Napoleon, Ohio. USA

I think of fairies and mermaids and collecting shells on the beach when I create my jewelry. I hope it transports the wearer to another time, to childhood dreams and fantastical worlds.

I design my jewelry with movement and flowing natural forms. My background as a sculptor taught me to render the human form.

Inspired by my love of antique jewelry,I felt drawn to combine jewelry and sculpture into a wearable art form. I see jewelry, not just as adornment to be viewed by others, but to be experienced by the wearer.

I love to experiment in shapes, stones and various metals. Each piece is a one of a kind, beginning with a gemstone embedded in wax. I carve the wax away to reveal its final form.

I work in gold and alloys of silver with palladium and Shibuichi, an ancient Japanese alloy of copper and silver. I like the contrast of patinaed Shibuichi and polished silver.

Pieces are either cast or fabricated as with my
handmade eyeglasses. My hand made eyewear
is a combination of my love of design, art and function.

Materials: Argentium, shibuichi, pearl, ruby
Dimensions: 5.5" x 3.3" x 2.5"

Octopus handflower bracelet with articulated tentacles terminating around forefinger and pinkie. Argentium silver octopus, shibuichi mermaids, seaturtles, starfish, clamshells with pearls.

Secret of the Sea

Materials: Palladium silver,shibuichi,pearl
Dimensions: 1.25" x .5"

Patinaed shibhichi shell locket ring on palladium silver wave base,opens to reveal standing mermids with pearl. Mermaid folds down so shell can close to form closed shell locket.

Photo credit: Keith Meiser

ermaid Wishpool Ring

Materials: palladium silver, urnanium glass cab
Dimensions: 1" x .5"

Palladium silver mermaid and sea turtle, shell and mermaid forming the wishing pool mount with sea horse showing under uranium glass cab. Uranium glass will glow under UV light. Shank has carved seaweed detail.

Photo credit: Keith Meiser