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Micheal David Sturlin's bench

I hope my bench “grows up” to be as organized as yours someday! I
wanted to sit at it and start working! Thank you for the article.

See AJM May 05 page 44.

Thank you Kate Wolf and Gerry Lewey too! I haven’t tried wax
carving or stone setting yet so I was slightly intimidated to sit at
your benches. (smile)

Terri Ann Fox

Proud owner of a new torch and tank of acetylene (that I should have
spent on a new muffler for my car!). Devouring every jewelry book
and magazine I can get my paws on, upon completing an eight week
open jewelry studio at the local art museum. Lurker for several
years now…


Never be intimidated by someone else bench, “Thou Shalt Not
Be…Envious”. I never wanted anyone to drool over my bench-layout. I
never meant it to be that way. If you looked at the AJM magazine
interview, it took me only a few minutes, (ya sure!) to prepare for
the pictures.

Imagine waking up at 5:00 A.M. (yawn!) and systematically
re-arranging all of my tools for my careful picture taking and ultra