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Michael Good July class/anyone signed up?

Hello all, Just wondering if any Orchidians are going to Michael
Goods July course. I took his class at Revere Academy in 2000. I
have been working on the technique, but really takes some
practice,at least for me. The more I work, the more questions I
have…i.e., how to make metal sinusoidal stakes the proper diameter,
angle or degree of arc, what metal is best, what oil for quenching a
particular metal, do you harden stakes. And hammering designs
properly. I sometimes feel like I’m either inventing a new technique
or doing the same procedure over and over…getting nowhere. Thus the
3 day class should really help. I have completed a few pair of
earring I put on my website, if ones cares to look. Any help with
above questions would also be appreciated See you there!

Thomas Blair -( Boozer)
843 686 6001
843 686 6407 fax
Island Gold Works