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Mica chips

Hi, Mica dust is used in glass beadmaking. I do not know if they
would have chips also, but you can always ask. The dust is called
"Pixie Dust" and is used to roll on the hot glass surface to get a
shine. Once it is rolled on, flame set, then a wet rag is held on
the bead as it is turned which allows the dust to stick and also to
become shiny. Lapidary Journal several years back had very shimmery
matt glass beads on the cover in the colors of deep violet and gold,
that is Pixie Dust on glass. Call Arrow Springs, located in California
at 530-677-1400 or or Franz Art Glass (Calif)
360-426-6712 or www. The price runs about $5.00 for
25 grams and comes in lots of wonderful colors. Beth Katz