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Mexico casting house

Regarding a casting house in Taxco, I have an idea for you:

When you get to Taxco call the manager of a company called Zanfeld
at 52-762-622-8040 or 622-5627, and tell him you got his name from
Douglas from White Buffalo in Miami, Florida. There couldn’t possibly
be anyone nicer in all of Mexico than Carlos, and if he can’t help
you personally I’m sure he would be willing to try and give you names
of others who could help you. (the company Zanfeld is owned by an
Israeli guy, uses fairly modern high tech equipment, and is certainly
capable of large runs, but I don’t know if they work on other
people’s designs).

Best of luck!


by the way, how are planning to get to Taxco? I recommend catching a
First class bus from “Terminal Sur” the south bus station in Mexico
City–its an easy 3 to 4 hour trip and the first class buses are very
clean and modern. Take care with the taxis in Mexico City though!