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Mexican Casters?

I am looking for a caster to make molds and cast my designs, I live
in Mexico so i would perfer to have someone do it here in stead of
having to deal with customs and brokers… Can you help me find
some-one… Thanks Darla

Darla, Try getting in touch with they
are located in Taxco Mexico and may be able to help you out, Michael

Hola Darla, mucho gusto en conocerte!

We are a Casting supply house, with stores in Mexico City,
Guadalajara and Taxco, therefore I know many people that can do the
job for you. Before giving you some names it would be better if I had
a little bit more Why don’t you give me a call and I am
sure I can find someone that fit your needs. By the way, where do you
live? Do you speak spanish? Lo m=E1s seguro es que deber=EDamos estar
teniendo esta conversaci=F3n en espa=F1ol.


David C. Duhne
Director Tecnico y Comercial
Diamantex S.A. de C.V.