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Janet, Very interesting idea! But where does one get pieces of
meteorites? Do you treat them like stones and set them or can you
solder them on to pieces. I’ve got a couple of ‘spacey’ but lovable
friends that would really appreciate such a gift. I’d like to hear
more. Dess

Dess, Eccentric Endeavors Has meteorites. Both cut and etched and
larger pieces that you can cut. About a $1.00 per gram for nice
material. Michael Santos nad Peggy Quinn Box 97, Douglas Flat CA
95229-0097. 209-728-90230 and fax 209-728-2069 MArcs Amshoff

Dear Dess,

I bought a small piece of meteorite from Bill Gangi, about 2 years
ago at the Tucson Gem Show. He had flat pieces, about 1" long by
1/2" wide and about 11 gage thick. I don’t know if he has any
currently available, but it is worth checking out. You can reach him
by email at or by phone 520 577 7574. I hope this
will help you.


This is an old thread, but I’m wondering if anyone knows where I can get a band of meteorite these days. I’d like to make my own ring, but start with a pure band of quality meteorite.
Thank you,

I’ve seen meteorite slabs and specimens at the Tucson shows. Browse through the old brochures to find the dealers, /the ones that come to mind are on the hotel row shows. I think the old show catalogs can be found online. I would look for you but am in Idaho and last years catalogs are in AZ.