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Meteoric iron

I have a good friend/client who wants me to make a set of cufflinks/
tuxedo studs for a gift for her groom.

I need to have TWO rectangular pieces of meteorite iron exactly
18X13mm (X 1 or 2mm thick.) AND FOUR rectangular pieces of meteorite
iron exactly 11X9mm (X 1 or 2mm thick.)

Can any Orchid people supply either: the 6 pieces cut to those sizes
(my first choice) OR a piece large enough for me to cut myself.

I would like to have pieces which show the Widmanstatten pattterns.

Of course, I need to know the cost.

AND, I need to have them SOON (like one week,) which I know is
difficult at Christmastime.

Thank you,
David Barzilay,
Lord of the Rings
607 S Hill St #850
Los Angeles, CA 90014