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Metamorphic jewellery


I am currently working on my dissertation as I am at the final year
of my B.A (Hons) 3d Design and Interiors, at the MCAST Institute of
Art and Design, in Malta. My area of specialization is jewellery and
my dissetation title is ‘Challenging the limits of the existing
notions of jewellery. Metamorphic body-pieces that adapt to style,
being personal, social and cultural.’

I am currently researching upon any jewellers,or peer reviewed
articles on such, who have explored the area of
Transformable/Metamorphic Jewellery, jewellery that was designed to
be able to give multiple wearable variables to the wearer, either by
deconstruction and reconstruction, or by modularity or any other
ways. I have searched through the Orchid Archives but did not come
across any, I was wondering whether you would have some material that
I would find useful for my studies. This would be much appreciated.

Whilst thnking you in advance for your time and patience,

wishing you kind regards,