Metalsmithing/Engraving Tools for Sale

Hello Orchid Community,

At the bottom of this post you will find the PDF of my list of tools for sale!

I am liquidating my entire jewelry studio and have everything up for sale. Most of the equipment and tools were hardly touched, if not at all, because I was just barely getting into the craft. I have things that pertain to engraving as well as metalsmithing. If anyone is interested,I have photos of the items upon request. I’d prefer to do local pickup (especially the larger items!), located in Chino, California. I am willing to ship the smaller items if you’re ok with paying for shipping.
Thank you very much for taking a look!

For Sale PDF.pdf (54.3 KB)

Could you send tools to New Zealand if I organise shipping from you to myself?
Thanks :+1:

I am interested in the xuron and the stone setters stuff , but not the engraving stuff.

I am interested in the paragon kiln. where could it be shipped from . I am in Houston Texas
contact me on my email at or
thanks very much.

Mark Sandler

I would be open to it depending on the items you’re interested in!

Ok, email me a list of the items you’re interested in at

You asked me to talk with you at 11 AM weds and i gave you my phone number. I never got a call waited one hour.

Im so sorry but you never replied to my message nor did you provide a number for me to reach you at, otherwise I would have gladly called you.