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Metalsmithing Education resources


Welcome to Ganoksin=92s Industry Trade Directory Index.

Each week we will ask for additions to build an extensive and
comprehensive trade index with listings unique to the jewelry,
gemology and metalsmithing trade. Help us build the largest and most
comprehensive list on the web!

Ganoksin’s Industry Trade Directory Index

Call for Submissions - "Metalsmithing and Gemology Education resources=

This week we are making additions to “Metalsmithing and Gemology
Education resources”.

Help us look for new resources not yet listed in the Index.

If you know or maintain an online resource that you feel should be
listed in the Metalsmithing and Gemology Education resources please
share it with us!

You can also check the listed resources and share your experience by
submitting an anonymous review.

Ganoksin’s Industry Trade Directory Index is completely devoted to
the metals, gem and jewelry trade. All submissions are manually
checked by a group of volunteers.

Is there a subject that peaks your interest? Do you posses
knowledge in a specialized area of the jewelry trade? Would you
like to contribute to the growth of Ganoksin’s Industry Trade
Directory Index? Then we want to hear from you! Come and volunteer
to be an Editor for Ganoksin=92s Trade Directory Index.

Please contact us for more

Thank you