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Metalsmithing and Tremor


Reading Orchid today, I was struck once again by the breadth of
experience and expertise out there. So, it occurs to me to ask for
input with a kinda different problem.

Anybody out there know of an association between metalsmithing and
tremors? I have a lifelong “benign essential tremor”–meaning my
hands, or other parts, tend to shake under some conditions. But for
the last maybe 6 months, the trembling has progressed into a real
flaming pain. So far, no diagnosis from a neurologist (more
bloodwork Monday). My doctors pooh-pooh metal toxicity–apparently
my symptoms don’t match up right. And, apparently, accurate testing
for metals is a big production (and not necessarily covered). By the
way, I’m 51, but I shake like my 90-year-old father-in-law. I also
have Fibromyalgia and Mitral Valve Prolapse.

I’m not asking for medical help-- just serendipitous
Might be better to respond off-forum, since this isn’t really

Anyway, thanks for listening! --Noel

Dear Noel,

For many years and in some countries, Cadmium is still an
significant ingredient in many gold and silver solders. In the USA it
has been phased out of most solders. To tell you the truth it does
make the best soldering you have ever done. I think the Stern-Clinton
brand may still have it. This is a nasty heavy metal poison. John
Burgess please help out here. Soldering in an invented area over a
period of time could be deadly. I believe a simple blood test could
give you some answers. I believe weight loss is one of it’s symptoms
but again I am no expert on things like this. All my best and hang in

Best Regards,
Todd Hawkinson
TR the Teacher

Hi Noel, The other day on my way home from work there was a guest
doctor named Dr. Michael Wald speaking on the radio about metals and
health. The show focused on mercury, however the moderator of the
show said the Docotor had a website called
There is a section on his website about different types of metal
testing. I recall him saying that many ailments are due to metals.

I don’t know anything about this doctor, however I thought that the
discussion was extrememly insteresting especially his statement
saying that it is not just what we eat but also what metals we
breathe in everyday.

Maybe you want to email him and get a transcript of the radio show.
I apologize that I cannot remember what station aired the program .

Diane Sadel

    Anybody out there know of an association between metalsmithing
and tremors? I have a lifelong "benign essential tremor"----Noel 

Hi Noel; I don’t know anything off-hand, but here’s an excellent site
to research the problem.

David L. Huffman

 Cadmium is still an significant ingredient in many gold and silver
solders.  This is a nasty heavy metal poison. John Burgess please
help out here. 

You rang Milord? G’day; This time you have taken my name somewhat
in vain. What I don’t know about medical toxicology is mostly in the
books. However, I have heard and read that cadmium is not very good
for one, and like lead, working with it at fairly high temperatures
should be done only in a well ventilated area. Don’t think one need
worry too much about ‘soldering iron’ type solder; the temperature of
150 C doesn’t vaporize it too much, but it is still better to do it
where there is a frequent change of air. As for blood tests; well,
the quantity of cadmium to be found in blood which causes toxicity
can only be determined using very sophisticated (and expensive)
equipment. A simple test just won’t do. Sorry about that, – Cheers

John Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua, Nelson NZ

Howdy Noel, Recently, in attempting to assist my wife with some
cervical disc problems, it’s been hammered home again that only YOU
are in charge of your health. You cannot rely on A doctor (or maybe
not 3-4) to present you with options or bring you up to their own
education level. They’ve not the time, inclination and sometimes
there own human nature/subconcious blinds them to alternatives
outside their own narrow expertise. If you educate yourself first
you willbe better able to ask questions AND it should be apparent to
the physician you REALLY NEED his full attention. Do NOT hesitate to
have extensive testing done. Diagnosis, perhaps including trying
some drugs/treatments to eliminate some avenues, is critical. Some
may be uncomfortable, but it will be better than a wrong guess. DO
NOT assume there aren’t more than one factors at work simutaneously
OR that your other health problems weren’t incorrectly diagnosed and
are just symptoms of some all-encompassing disease process. You
wouldn’t be the first person to have been improperly treated for
DECADES for something masquerading as something else!

hope you feel better soon! Carl 1 Lucky Texan

On this same subject ,and health in general, I would like to
recommend a terrific magazine called Natural Health. There is an
article in the April 1999 issue about Doctor Andrew Weil. He is the
Doctor in the website posted by David. The website for this
magazine is There is a section for
questions and answers as well as a section for discussion.

Diane Sadel

Well while we are talking about health issues here, I just wanted to
let Orchid members know that it has been almost exactly a year since
I had my right hand operated on for carpal tunnel and it continues to
be a successful venture. I no longer have any issues with numbness
or pain and am able to use my hand for much longer periods of time
than before the operation.

Daniel R. Spirer, GG