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greetings douglas, in response to your previous post…

 "And then on the other hand.... one of the things that
Metalsmith is attempting to do is place jewellery and its
associated crafts into a high art context." 

high art context? and you believe this is a good thing? the
term “high art” absolutely reeks of elitism. in what way does the
artist benefit by attempting to elevate his/her work from its
rightful place in the public domain where it can be seen,
appreciated, and understood, to that rarified air way up in that
ivory tower?

 "Yes, you can claim that creativity comes from the soul, but
you are assuming the existence of such an animal. What happens
to creativity when you cannot demonstrate the existence of the
"soul"? "

ok, point taken. let me rephrase that. i believe that the
wellspring of true creativity originates and is brought forth
from a deep and primal place within each of us. to take an
artists work and heap all of that overwrought intellectual crap
onto it seems to be at odds with the very nature of creativity
itself. why not let the work speak for itself? why not let the
viewer come to his own unique and individual interpretation; to
draw his own conclusions about the work without being mentally
molested by the likes of mr. lewis and associates?

"As far as it being "gobbledegook", the passage you quoted is
actually rather cogent and readable. It simply assumes a
certain vocabulary of its reader."

cogent schmogent. douglas, your starting to sound like one of
them. remember…less is more…beauty is simplicity…etc…etc