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Metalsmith 2008 Vol 28

Metalsmith Vol 28 number 5 is in the mail to subscribers. It is a
fantastic issue! The cover photo is of an assembly of individual
metal elements total size 40.5" x 26" x 1.5" with small faces
engaging the viewer. The artist is Pierre Cavalan from Australia. His
necklaces have an interesting oval shape with a narrative suggesting
travels to many parts of the world.

There is also an excellent article and photos of the jewelry of
Alexander Calder showing several of his primitive pieces.

And, an article about Elizabeth Brim from Penland and her public
art. Her commission of a 13 foot tall serviceberry tree with hundreds
of 14 gauge steel flowers painted by people in the community gave me
a serious case of metal tree envy. What a great community project!

This issue is why I love Metalsmith. Beautiful metal wall
assemblies, beautiful primitive jewelry, and beautiful outdoor flower
sculpture in steel.

I would be interested in comments from Orchidians on this issue.

Mary A.