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Metals opportunities list Jan 03


Hi all,

These are derived from the At Deadlines List. Check the end of the
list for the ones coming up soon. Happy New Tear! Charles

Jan 25, 2003 NEW WEARABLE ART SHOW Feb 7-9, 2003. Functional and
not-so-functional wearable art, hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind.
Runway show and gallery exhibit. For more contact: Arts
and Humanities Council, 338 Main St, Ketchikan AK 99901 OR

Enamelers, Teachers and students, the upcoming Biennial
International Enameling Conference is happening Aug 19-26, 2003. For
a prospectus, send SASE to: ES Exhibition, Box 254, El Cerrito CA
94530 OR

January 31, 2003 International Juried Exhibitions at Period Gallery,
Feb 2002-Feb 2003. Award winning works and other selected works from
each exhibition in full printed catalog and also exhibited on our
website for an extended period: “The Best Contemporary Art II
Internet Exhibition”, Oct. 2002-2003+, slides due now through Aug
30th. “Landscape II” and Contemporary IV", Mar 6-27, slides due Feb
15; “Photographic Processes IV”; “Digital/Experimental II” and
"Photographs of Faces I", Apr 3-24, slides due Mar 8;
“2-3-4-dimensional IV” and “Beautiful II”, May 8-29, slides due Apr
8; “Mixed Media IV” and “Celebration of Life I”, June 5-26, slides
due May 8; “Realism IV”, July 3-24, slides due June 8; “Abstraction
V”, Aug 7-28, slides due July 8; “Drawing III” and “Septemberfest V”,
Sept 4-25, slides due Aug 8; “Miniature IV” and “Faces IV”, Oct 2-23,
slides due Sept 8; “WaterMedia III” and “Winterfest V”, Nov 6-27,
slides due Oct 8; “Spiritual Art V”, (Judeo-Christian Theme), Dec
4-26, slides due Nov. 8; “Painting III” and “Faces V”, Jan 3-24-03,
slides due Dec 8; “All Media V”, Feb 7-28 '03, slides due Jan 8 '03;
$30/3 slides, $5 ea. add’l. AWARDS: SOLO EXHIBITION, 3-4 Cash Awards
of Excellence, Merit Awards, Purchase Awards. SASE: Period Gallery,
5174 Leavenworth, Omaha NE 68106; 402-556-3218; download at email:
(please include postal address in your email).

September 30, 2003 PUBLIC ART PROJECTS The Florida Art In State
Buildings Program administers the Florida Statute 255.043 (Chapter
95-235, Laws of Florida) that requires .5% of the total
appropriation for construction of new state buildings, not to exceed
$100,000, be set aside for acquiring artwork for permanent display as
part of the State of Florida’s permanent art collection. The program
at UCF is administered specifically by the Art Department and The
College of Arts and Sciences, which oversee this State program by
coordinating committees for each art purchase for each new building.
These small committees choose artwork by viewing slides from a
selection of artists, according to the considerations of size, site,
and media. Please take the time to submit the following materials as
part of your submission to our database, which is used as a small
pool from which to choose artists for these commissions - 1) A
maximum of 20 slides (minimum 10), labeled chronologically with a dot
in the lower left corner, 2) A corresponding slide identification
sheet with title, size, medium, and date; 3) A brief statement of
interest; 4) A current curriculum vitae; 5) An optional SASE for the
eventual return of your slides. Mail Submissions to: Art In State
Buildings Program, UCF Bldg. 51, VAB 117, 4000 Central Florida Blvd,
Orlando FL 32816 OR

Stable Productions of Cambridge, MA produces video, film and
television programming, and events for development, corporate
marketing, advertising, and entertainment. Among our clients are
Fortune 500 companies, major museums and attractions, and public
television outlets. What sets us apart is the human element in our
productions. What people take away from a Stable production cannot
necessarily be put on paper, but gets positive results for our
sponsors. We move audiences. We make them laugh, we make them cry,
and we make them feel. For more visit us at, or email us, or call us at
617 868 6994, or fax us at 617 876-9233.

Oct 05, 2003 NEW MAIL ART EXHIBITION Open to all artists.
Postcards that advertise art shows. Juried. $1000 prize. Send
postcard with contact info to: Gild Art Gallery, 50 Tivoli Gardens,
Tivoli NY 12583

Jul 31, 2003 NEW CRAFT OPPORTUNITY Foundation will make cash
awards annually to craftpersons and artists engaged in or planning a
craft or art project. Awards will be granted on the basis of artistic
merit and financial need, and will not exceed $1,500. Do not submit
unasked for materials, such as press releases. For more
please contact: Ruth Chenven Foundation, 7505 Jackson Av, Takoma Park
MD 20912

Jul 30, 2003 WIN A HOUSE ESSAY CONTEST Theme is Why you would like
to live, play & golf in the Vail Valley of Colorado. 250 words max.
Fee $110. Contact: Jeff Frank, Win a House in Colorado Contest, Box
1426, St George UT 84771 OR OR

Jun 30, 2003 ANNUAL JURIED EXHIBITION All applicants will receive a
free one-year subscription to the magazine. All media welcome. Entry
fee. For more please contact: Wegway, Box 157, Station
A, Toronto Ontario M5W 1B2, Canada OR

Jun 19, 2003 ARTS AND CRAFTS EXPO SEEKS ENTRIES Multicultural Arts
and Crafts Expo 2003. Seeking submissions from artistians and
crafters. Non-competitive showcase of arts, crafts, and business
services from various cultures. Entry Fee. Contact: Khoncepts, 80
Blue Hill Av Suite 3, Boston MA 02119 OR 617-442-2774 OR

Jun 19, 2003 NEW ARTS AND CRAFTS EXHIBITION Showcase of a variety
of cultural and religious artwork including digital photography,
watercolors, jewelry. For more contact: Celeste Sheffey,

Mar 18, 2003 SMALL WORKS SHOW Annual exhibit & traveling show; all
media, artists working realistically or representationally. Entry
fee. Awards. For a prospectus, send a #10 SASE to: American Plains
Artists, Box 14607, Odessa TX 79768

Mar 15, 2003 SEEKING RELIGIOUS ART Prayerfulart 2003 - God Calls His
People. Forum for artists to explore religious art - icons exhibited
in the church as a unique art form, art is juried and judged. St.
John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Parish. Seeking photos. Contact:
Linda Hritz, 3487 Ensign Cove, Aurora OH 44202 OR 330-562-8538 OR

group shows, 2004. All media. No fees. Professional, non-student
artists only. Contact: K G Miracle, Jasper Arts Center, 951 College
Av Suite A, Jasper IN 47546 OR

Mar 15, 2003 NEW PORTFOLIO REVIEW 2004 season. Solo and group
shows. Professional artists only. Gallery provides invitations,
press releases, insurance, reception. Send materials with SASE to: K
G Miracle, Jasper Arts Center, 951 College Av, Jasper IN 47546 OR

of the annual exhibit is to showcase sculpture appropriate for
placement in intimate public spaces or private gardens. It is the
intent of the City to acquire one or more sculptures each year for
permanent installation in the park. For more please
contact: Big Rock Garden Park, Bellingham Parks and Recreation
Office, 3424 Meridian St, Bellingham WA 98225 OR 360-676-6985

Mar 12, 2003 DOCUMENTATION Jun 27-Jul 24, 2003. Work utilizing or
representing various forms/methods of documentation. All media but
performance. Contact: Woman Made Gallery, 1900 S Prairie Av, Chicago
IL 60616 OR 312-328-0038 OR

Mar 07, 2003 CRAFTS NATIONAL 37 Jun 10-Jul 18, 2003. National Juried
Exhibition. Eligible media includes ceramics, fiber, glass, metal,
wood and other. $3,500 prizes. Entry fee. For prospectus, please
contact: Crafts National 37, Box 1023, State College PA 16804 OR OR

Comments on Consumer Culture will take place at the Athens Institute
for Contemporary Art, a non-profit alternative space in Athens, GA.
All mediums welcome, including performance, new media, and
installation. No fee. No insurance/shipping budget. Contact:
Product, LZ Saltz, ATHICA, Box 1604, Athens GA 30603 OR OR

Mar 03, 2003 DIMENSIONS 2003 Apr 24-May 24, 2003. Call for entries.
All media. Cash awards. Juried. SASE with 60 cents postage to:
Associated Artists of Winston-Salem, 226 N Marshall St, Winston-Salem
NC 27101

Feb 28, 2003 NEW EXHIBITION PROPOSALS 2003-2004 season. For more
contact: Arts and Humanities Council, 716 Totem Way,
Ketchikan AK 99901 OR 907-225-2211 OR 907-225-4330(FAX) OR

Feb 15, 2003 EXHIBITION PROPOSALS 2003-2005 seasons. Solo or Group
shows. Send 10-20 slides, resume, statement, and SASE to: Fred
Peterson, Humanities Fine Arts Gallery, University of Minnesota
Morris, 600 East 4th St, Morris MN OR petersfw@mrs.umn.ed

Feb 15, 2003 EXHIBITION PROPOSALS 2003-2004 season. All media. Send
15-20 slides, resume, artist statement, supporting materials, and an
SASE to: J Jacopelle, School of Art Gallery, 310 Genesee St, Utica
NY 13502 OR 315-797-0000x2900 OR 315-797-9349(FAX)

Feb 15, 2003 NEW JEWISH EXHIBITION PROPOSALS 2003-2004 season.
Promoting the work of Jewish artists and topics that illuminate
Jewish experience, culture, and history. Open to all. All styles and
media. Send 8 slides, slide list, statement, resume, and SASE to:
Karin Sanborn-Perkins, Striar Jewish Community Center, 445 Central
St, Stoughton MA 02072

Feb 15, 2003 NEW EXHIBITION PROPOSALS 2003-2004 season. All media.
Send 15-20 slides, resume, statement, supporting materials, and SASE
to: J Jacopelle, School of Art Gallery, 310 Genesee St, Utica NY
13502 OR 315-797-0000x2900 OR 315-797-9349(FAX)

Feb 14, 2003 SPRING FORWARD, FALL BACK Apr 4-May 2, 2003. Entries
are now being accepted from artists in any media for a juried
exhibition and sale. Any interpretation of the theme is welcome.
Entry fee. For more please contact: Gallery Mia Tyson,
271 N Front St, Wilmington NC 28401 OR 910-762-0196 OR OR

Feb 14, 2003 NEW CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS 2003-2004 season. Group and
solo shows. Proposals and portfolios from artists and curators. For
more contact: Libby Hartle, HEREart, 145 6th Av, New
York NY 10013 OR OR

Feb 07, 2003 NEW ARTS APPRENTICESHIPS Positions in the traditional
arts. For more contact: Arts Commission, 193 State St,
25 State House Stn, Augusta ME 04333 OR 207-287-2724 OR

Feb 01, 2003 COLLEGE GALLERY SEEKS ARTWORK The galleries on the
campus of Illinois Central College in East Peoria, IL, are now
accepting applications for 2003-2004. Please send a current resume,
20 slides, short bio, artist statement, and an SASE to: Jennifer
Costa, Illinois Central College, East Peoria IL 61635

Feb 01, 2003 NEW VALENTINE EXHIBITION Feb 6-28, 2003. Valentines
in all media. Not a mail art show. Entry fee. 35% commission. For
more contact: Judith Hooks, Gallery 218, 218 S 2nd St,
Milwaukee WI 53204 OR 414-270-1043 OR OR

Feb 01, 2003 NEW MINIATURE PRINT EXHIBITION Open internationally.
Juried. For a prospectus send an SASE to: Center for Contemporary
Printmaking, 299 West Av, Matthews Park, Norwalk CT 06850 OR

Feb 01, 2003 NEW EXHIBITION PROPOSALS 2003-2004 season. Send 20
slides, resume, short bio, statement, and SASE to: Jennifer Costa,
Illinois Central College, East Peoria IL 61635

Feb 01, 2003 NEW ART EXHIBITION Apr 12-May 16, 2003. Open to all.
2D and 3D media. Juried. Entry fee. $5000 in awards. For a prospectus
send an SASE to: Northern Colorado Artists Assn, Box 1039, Fort
Collins CO 80522 OR 970-223-6450 OR

Jan 31, 2003 WOMEN’S JOURNAL Art and literature by women. Poetry,
prose, art, book reviews. Up to 5000 words, 6 poems. For more
contact: Calyx, Box B, Corvallis OR 97339 OR
541-753-9384 OR OR

Jan 31, 2003 HEALING ARTS COMPETITION To recognize and elevate the
awareness of innovative art created to improve the quality of the
healthcare experience. Various categories. Cash and other awards.
For more please contact: Blair Sadler Competition,
Society for the Arts in Healthcare, 1632 U St NW, Washington DC 20009
OR 202-244-8088 OR 202-244-1312(FAX) OR

Jan 31, 2003 NEW PERCENT-FOR-ART PROGRAM Seeking a work of art
that will provide a single unified theme across three outdoor grassy
areas. In keeping with the prison’s positive programming focus, the
committee asks that the theme be of a strong, feminine nature. For
more please contact: Cheri Long, Percent-for-Art,
Montana Arts Council, 316 North Park Av Suite 252, Box 202201, Helena
MT 59629

Jan 31, 2003 NEW CALL FOR ARTISTS 2004 season. 5-7 shows each
year, all media. Solo or small group. Send proposals and materials
to: Lake George Arts Project, Courthouse Gallery, 1 Amherst St, Lake
George NY 12845 OR 518-668-2616 OR OR

Jan 31, 2003 NEW ART WANTED Seeking submissions for art vending
machine network. Converted cigarette machines. For more information
contact: Artists in Cellophane,

Jan 27, 2003 MUTE. CALL FOR ENTRIES This all-media juried show seeks
artworks that privilege the visual experience, where mediation
between image/object and the viewer is minimized, and where
non-verbal communication relies directly on what the eye perceives.
Entry fee. Contact: Chris Mona, Cade Art Gallery, Anne Arundel
Community College, 101 College Pwy, Arnold MD 21012 OR 410-777-7028

Jan 20, 2003 NATIONAL JURIED EXHIBITION May 2-31, 2003. $10,000 in
awards. All media. For prospectus, send SASE to: Hilton Head Island
Juried Exhibition, Box 22834, Hilton Head Island SC 29925

Jan 17, 2003 THE TIES THAT BIND Mar 7-Apr 6, 2003. Women and
Collaboration in Art and Life. Open to all artists, all media. Entry
fee. For more please contact: Smithtown Township Arts
Council, Mills Pond House, 660 Rt 25A, St James NY 11780 OR
631-862-6575 OR 631-862-8730(FAX)

Jan 17, 2003 ARTIST RESIDENCIES HUNGARY 2003 Non-profit organization
invites interested visual artists and writers to submit application
for its residency program. Its principal focus is an international
residency program to which artists from around the world are invited.
The goal is to provide a supportive community with uninterrupted time
to work. Open to all professional artists. Entry fee. For more
please contact: Hungarian Multicultural Center, Box
141374, Dallas TX 75214

Jan 15, 2003 UNIVERSITY ART GALLERY Reviewing portfolios and
proposals for 2003-04 season. All media, any styles; solo and/or
group shows. Focus is on innovative contemporary work that challenges
viewers in an educational setting. Send 10-20 slides, resume,
statement, proposal, support material and SASE to: Kaz McCue, Artist
Portfolio Search, University Gallery Dept of Art-FA 108, Indiana
State University, Terre Haute IN 47809 OR 812-237-3697 OR

Jan 15, 2003 THE BLESSING & THE CURSE Apr 4-May 15, 2003. This
exhibition will look at the positive and negative consequences of
traditions. Artwork in all media except performance will be
considered. Contact: Woman Made Gallery, 1900 S Prairie Av, Chicago
IL 60616 OR 312-328-0038 OR 312-328-1108(FAX) OR OR

Jan 15, 2003 EXHIBITION SPACE 2003 Seeking artists to exhibit art
work for the year 2003. Exhibition space is open to all types of art
including visual art, process art, drama, performance art, dance,
music, poetry, industrial design, etc. Contact: Center for Creative
Development, 622 West 6th Av, Denver CO 80204 OR 303-388-2100 OR

Jan 15, 2003 NEW EXHIBITION PROPOSALS Reviewing slides and
proposals from artists in all media. Solo or group, installation,
performance. Send 20 slides, resume, and SASE to: Gallery Committee,
Box 2089, Sam Houston State U Dept of Art, Huntsville TX 77341 OR
936-294-1317 OR

Jan 15, 2003 NEW EXHIBITION PROPOSALS 2003-2004 season. Open to
all artists 18 and up. All media. Send 20 slides, statement, resume,
and SASE to: University of Northern Colorado, Visual Arts Galleries,
Box 30, Greeley CO 80639 OR 970-351-2184 OR

Jan 15, 2003 NEW BLUE COLLAR EXHIBITION Open Feb 27, 2003. Open to
artists in Ontario and Quebec, IL, IN, MN, MI, NY, PA, and WI. All
work related to theme of “blue collar.” For more information
contact: Furlong Galleries, 715-232-2261 OR